The frame of glued wood

OBICON veranda bearing structures are produced using only high-quality softwood glued knot. Every detail is drawn to the precise drawings and is carefully handled – impregnated, primed and varnished. The construction is designed to be highly resistant and at the same time the least covers the space, allowing it to let in as much light.

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Aluminum sliding systems

Transformable glazed aluminum framed wall systems are created using Scandinavian design and tested technology. Special sliding design allows easy to turn the veranda into a sunny terrace during summer, but in case of rain close the outer wall, creating a closed vagaries of the weather exposing space.

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Cellular polycarbonate roof

For the roof we use cellular polycarbonate. It is lightweight, shock resistant plastic, which has a high heat, sound insulation and light transmission properties. Safe roof frame structure is designed according to building codes and is capable of withstanding at least 150 kg per square meter.

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The flooring

For the flooring we mainly use oiled larch boards. They are visually appealing and more wear resistant than pine boards.

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