About verandas

Modern materials and innovative design solutions created new interest in the gazebo. Compared to the previous years, built for traditional private verandas, verandas of younger generation are much multifunctional. They fit better in the environment, especially to the modern new buildings. Choosing a different model of individuality obtain even the most of basic homes.
Visually inconspicuous, but very resistant load-bearing structures obscured views of the surrounding environment. Comfortable transformable glass wall allows you to enjoy the rest of the backyard area in any
weather: sunny day veranda used as an open terrace, but, closed the sliding glass wall gives good protection against sudden rain or wind gusts. The polycarbonate roof allows maximum use of daylight.
In order to construct a light and comfortable OBICON veranda, does not require many approvals. Basis instead of an array is used screw pile to the veranda allows qualifies as a mobile building.
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