According to customer request we offer to fabricate and install light, private, elegant multi-functional verandas for private properties.

They can also be used for commercial objects – for  shops and cafes.

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Basic characteristics
OBICON veranda is designed as a temporary structure, so the installation does not require a set of alignment. Sliding door system makes it easy to transform the veranda to a terrace. They have resistant and lightweight supporting structure, which does not obscure the view to the outside.

The most common use
Are for homes in newly built villages.
In past years built private homes.
Commercial objects – as shops and cafes, trade exhibition or trade outdoor pavilions.

Light framework– Krinner screw pile.
Carcass – impregnated and varnished softwood glued knot design.
Floor – oiled larch decking or other material according to the customer’s wishes.
Roof – cellular polycarbonate. Color is optional.
Transformable systems – manufactured using Scandinavian technology and materials (aluminum, tempered glass).

The indicative costs
Indicative costs can be easily calculated with the help of a calculator on the website set up. Prepare an accurate estimate of the harmonized according to the existing building size verandas.